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Leading international nutraceutical manufacturer seeks out Medical Kiwi relationship

Recognising New Zealand as the next global player in medicinal cannabis, leading international manufacturer of dietary supplements, Empirical Labs has sought an exclusive relationship with Medical Kiwi, with the two companies signing a memorandum of understanding (MoU) this week.

Medical Kiwi Chairman, Aldo Miccio, says the MoU with Empirical Labs is a coup for the company, and the New Zealand medicinal cannabis industry.

“Our exclusive relationship with Empirical Labs will give us immediate access to product innovations. With over 30 years experience in research and development in the nutraceutical industry, Empirical Labs is a world leader in formulation and enhanced delivery methods. Our relationship with them means we can get proven medicinal and wellbeing cannabis products to both the domestic and global market quicker. We’re excited about the opportunity to develop some very exciting IP with Empirical Labs as we work alongside them,” says Aldo.

Describing this week’s signing, Kelly Goyen, Empirical Labs CEO, says the MoU ensures both companies are well placed to take advantage of the ever-growing cannabinoid market.

“When we met with Medical Kiwi, our distinct synergies were obvious,” Kelly says. “Both Medical Kiwi and ourselves strive to bring innovative and groundbreaking products for customers.

“This growth industry will come with challenges, however, in our experience a focus on innovation and having a clear Go-to-Market strategy overcomes any challenges,” he says. “Empirical Labs has a simple ethos, which is to establish long term partnerships with our key customers, with the goal of developing exceptional products. We know that together Empirical Labs’ and Medical Kiwi’s teams will make a huge impact in the market,” says Kelly.

The two teams had the opportunity to meet each other and start discussions this week when Medical Kiwi Directors Dr Michael Packer and Dr David Porter, visited the Empirical Labs team in Denver, Colorado. The visit was an opportunity for them to see first-hand Empirical Labs’ exciting new technology, discuss how we’ll work together and share their insights into what customer’s in New Zealand are wanting from medicinal cannabis products and both Michael and David came away feeling very excited.

“Empirical Labs demonstrated extreme attention to detail with respect to ingredient selection, solvent-free extraction and manufacturing processes,” says David.

Empirical Labs have developed a new way of packaging product in microsomes – tiny balls of natural fat that transport the product across the gut lining and through the liver before releasing the product into the body. “What that means is far more of the dose gets where it’s needed as the gut and liver break down a big proportion of an oral dose before it even reaches the bloodstream and target tissue,” he says.

The MoU also allows for Medical Kiwi to supply Empirical Labs with our own dried Nelson Tasman-produced cannabis for the uniquely co-created medicinal and wellness products once we have started production.