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Our plan to be New Zealand’s leading medicinal cannabis and CBD company


Our plan is ambitious because we’re striving to be market leaders in this new and exciting growth industry. At the heart of our strategy is a clear philosophy that ensures we realise the global opportunities for high-quality, safe and consistent medicinal cannabis and CBD wellbeing products to bring about real change in people’s lives and health outcomes.

That’s why everything we do will provide assurance from seed-to-sale. Our reputation will be built on our innovation, excellence, quality, transparency and service and the products we bring to market will be credible, verified and affordable.

We’re confident in achieving our plan because:

  • We have a well-defined strategy and roadmap, with clear milestones to be achieved and delivered for our investors and our customers.
  • Our business goals are health-based and scientific and are aligned to environmental responsibility, certainty and accessibility.
  • Our R&D strategy positions us to develop proprietary IP, constantly optimise and implement technological advances and set an elevated benchmark as leaders in the industry.
  • We’ll breed, cultivate and manufacture products under secure, controlled indoor conditions in our state-of-the-art facility to ensure consistency and quality.
  • All of the products we produce and import from our partner companies will adhere to strict guidelines for quality and consistency.
  • We’re working with an extensive network of global partners who share our ethos and will add value to our business, enhance the market opportunity and help us achieve our product development and sales goals.

State-of-the-art facilities and production processes

Our state-of-the-art indoor medicinal cannabis research, cultivation and processing facility is based in Christchurch, New Zealand. We have also secured an eight-hectare greenfield site in Brightwater, Nelson, New Zealand, which is strategically located for expansion beyond our Christchurch facility in the medium term.

Our facility will be powered by the sun. Sustainability and environmental responsibilities are central to the development of our plans. Early engineering has maximised energy efficiency so that the entire building and growing system’s electricity can be powered by a one-megawatt solar energy system.

In August 2019, just eight-months after being established, Medical Kiwi became the first South Island-based medicinal cannabis company to be granted a license to cultivate and research by New Zealand’s Ministry of Health.  In December 2020 we were granted a full Medicinal Cannabis License, enabling us to cultivate, manufacture, and supply medicinal cannabis.

Manufacturing unique products

We’ll create fit-for-purpose, verified and credible medicinal cannabis and wellness products utilising innovative science and technology. By partnering with Empirical Labs a world leader in formulation and enhanced delivery methods, we can get proven medicinal and wellness cannabis products to both the domestic and global market quicker.

Research is the key to the advancement of the medicinal cannabis industry and to Medical Kiwi

We’re committed to an ongoing programme of advanced research and technology to support the development of our unique, safe, high-quality Medical Kiwi medicinal cannabis products. We’ll adopt relevant global technological advancements and work with industry leaders in research and development which will allow us to be agile in our response to market needs and set an elevated benchmark as innovators and leaders in the industry.

Our research schedule consists of:

  • International collaboration into the effects of the bioactive components contained in cannabis.
  • Research into the light effects on cannabinoid outcomes and conditions, in a replicable way.
  • Develop, or contribute to, certification of standardisation of the beneficial bioactive properties of cannabis extracts.
  • Establish protectable IP.

With an emerging industry, it is important that advances are aligned with customer segments and demands. Our marketing strategy will be directed by and help drive our overarching plan. These insights will inform our cultivation, manufacturing and distribution decisions.

We have an uncompromising commitment to consistency and certainty. We’ll achieve this by breeding and growing cannabis strains of the highest quality in our state-of-the-art facility with indoor production processes and partnering with global industry-leading companies that have the same commitment.

Our exclusive distribution agreements with Vitality CBD, and RYAH Group, and our LOI with Empirical Labs, mean that we’ll be well positioned to be one of the first-to-market with high-quality, innovative CBD wellness and medicinal cannabis products in 2022. It also means we can establish distribution networks that we can use for our own unique IP Medical Kiwi products. We’re excited about providing greater accessibility to products that can help those who need them the most.

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