Dr Michael Packer

PhD, MSc, BSc, Advisory Board (Medical & Science)

PhD (Biochemistry, Cell Biology), MSc (Marine Science), BSc (Biochemistry).

Michael is a biochemist and natural products biotechnologist with a long and extensive track record of scientific research. With a career spanning 28 years in New Zealand and the United States of America, Michael is interested in the optimal use of resources and reducing environmental impact, in particular utilising algae to achieve this. Algae farming methods for carbon recycling/capture, biofuel production, bio-based materials and for healthy food ingredients, bioactives, nutraceuticals and cosmetic ingredients has formed the basis of his research and professional specialty.

As a Senior Research Scientist, he manages algae growing facilities and has established commercial algal farms for the biotechnology industry. His work involves using custom-built bespoke photobioreactors which enable algal growth under controlled conditions. Previous research was commercialised in the US and reached stage three clinical trials. His work has been extensively published in scientific literature. He is excited to bring his knowledge and expertise to Medical Kiwi to help guide rigorous evidence-based development of natural products to benefit human health.

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