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Can you trust the label?

Certainty and quality control were two of the key factors Medical Kiwi considered when partnering with UK-based CBD manufacturing company, Vitality CBD. They pride themselves on being open, up front and honest about exactly what’s in their products, with testing to back up their claims.

“Our exclusive distribution agreement with Vitality CBD means we’ll be the first to market, importing and selling their CBD products once New Zealand’s industry is set up early next year,” says Medical Kiwi Chairman, Aldo Miccio. “Our philosophy is very much driven by ensuring those suffering from pain and seeking improved wellbeing have access to safe, effective, affordable, high quality products. After spending time with Vitality CBD’s Sales Director Liam Cagliarini recently we’re even more convinced that Vitality CBD is a good fit for Medical Kiwi.”

With Vitality CBD products, what it says on the label is what you get. The UK CBD market is a highly competitive space with many different brands making claims about their products which means people were unsure who they could trust. In response, Vitality CBD adopted an approach of complete transparency. “Our extensive consumer research revealed that potential users’ number one priority was the legitimacy of the CBD content. Ensuring consumers are well informed is why we’re still the fastest growing CBD company in the UK,” says Liam.

Their commitment to providing certainty and transparency goes right back to the source. “We chose our raw material supplier because of this very reason,” says Liam. Their purification process has been able to selectively remove the psychoactive component (THC). The absence of detectable THC is confirmed through High Performance Liquid Chromatography instruments. This means the extract is non-psychoactive while still retaining all of the naturally supportive hemp compounds. .

“We put every single batch of products through extensive testing with one of the most renowned independent labs in the UK.” Testing is always done in two stages: at seed – a raw incoming material analysis; and shelf – testing the finished product right at the end of the manufacturing process. No THC can be detected on both the incoming and the final testing. Vitality CBD then publish all of their batch testing results on their website, allowing customers to match the number of the bottle of product they’ve purchased to the exact batch testing report on the website and see the relevant certification. “We believe that providing this level of transparency will help the overall credibility of the brand and the CBD industry as a whole,” Liam says.

Measured doses provide certainty, especially as everyone responds to CBD differently and has a different ideal dose. Many brands in the UK only provide a percentage to indicate the amount of CBD in their products which means new users often don’t have the information they need to help them understand how best to take CBD. “This is confusing and can lead to people using the incorrect dosage because they’re unable to work out the strength of the product based on a percentage,” says Liam. “We want to make sure that everyone who uses our products is well informed. By engaging with our consumers and compiling the vast amount of data we acquire, we’ve come up with a clear understanding of what CBD dosages real people are actually using day-to-day,” he says.

To ensure users can monitor their doses carefully, they label their strengths clearly as high (1,200mg), medium (600mg) and low (300mg), and further explain how much CBD is present per spray or pipette. “Since CBD is a different journey for everyone, being able to increase and decrease dosage accurately is important. We respect our users and their safety above all else” Liam says.