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International investors extremely positive about Medical Kiwi

Medical Kiwi Chairman, Aldo Miccio has recently returned from a successful visit to London and Singapore where he launched stage two of Medical Kiwi’s investment offer, presenting to sophisticated investors and wholesale private investor networks interested in investing in the future of Medical Kiwi.

The successful completion of stage one seed funding raised $1 million enabling a greenfield site to be secured, completion of design plans for a state-of-the-art facility and applying for licences. The stage two Series A share offer seeks to raise a further $20 million of investment capital to assist with the employment of critical staff and the facility’s build phase.

“The opportunity to meet with private high-net-worth individuals and fund-raising firms from across the United Kingdom, South East Asia, Asia and the United States of America was really beneficial,” says Aldo. “Potential investors are extremely positive about the advancements in the cannabis industry and see the potential opportunities from medicinal and nutraceutical cannabis products.”

“I presented at investor conferences in both London and Singapore. Conference attendees were a mix of high net-worth, professional and international investors, many of whom expressed a lot of interest in Medical Kiwi and we have a number of committed investors,” says Aldo.

“The medicinal cannabis industry is further along in the United Kingdom. I met with two companies and got some insight into their operations. One company was an extraction company producing medicinal cannabis products of varying CBD strengths, including 0% THC and the other was a sales and distribution medicinal cannabis company who are white-labelling broad spectrum products for sale in pharmacy chains in the United Kingdom.”

The opportunity to white-label diffusion brand non-New Zealand grown medicinal cannabis products of varying CBD strengths is something Medical Kiwi is keen to explore while the state-of-the-art facility is built.

If you would like to find out more about your chance to be a part of a global industry that will change the shape of the way the world delivers its health outcomes, please download our Information Memorandum for investors.