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Medical Kiwi

Pioneering New Zealand Manufacturer joins InstantGMP’s Client Base


InstantGMP Inc., the creators of an all-in-one manufacturing process software solution, is proud to welcome Medical Kiwi as our newest client in the Asia-Pacific region.

A leading research and wellness company, Medical Kiwi specializes in the manufacture and distribution of medicinal and nutraceutical cannabis products for their native New Zealand and the European market. As such, Medical Kiwi’s products must adhere to the requirements of both the Medicinal Cannabis Scheme and EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Enacted by the New Zealand Ministry of Health in early 2020, the Medicinal Cannabis Scheme sets strict requirements for cultivating, manufacturing and distributing medicinal cannabis products. Ministry-licensed medicinal cannabis manufacturers and distributors must follow these guidelines and traceability measures to ensure that their products meet all quality standards before they are made available to patients. By adhering to these standards, patients are confident that these medicinal cannabis products are free of harmful contaminants and are safe to use.

In an effort to protect the public from a variety of cybercrimes, manufacturers who distribute their products in the European market must comply with the strict privacy and data protection standards set by the GDPR for processing personal information. Failure to comply with these guidelines can result in hefty fines and penalties for manufacturers.

While other software systems may provide solutions for one of the above requirements, InstantGMP PRO software allows Medical Kiwi to comply with both local and European regulations via a single, user-friendly system.

Designed to support small to mid-size pharmaceutical, biotech, dietary supplement and CBD manufacturers, InstantGMP PRO software allows these organizations to comply with all Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). The GMP system safeguards the public by ensuring that these manufacturers’ products are consistently produced according to strict quality standards.

As Good Manufacturing Practices are similar to the quality and transparency requirements of the Medicinal Cannabis Scheme, the same features and benefits of InstantGMP PRO software U.S. manufacturers rely on to ensure GMP compliance can be adopted by Medical Kiwi and other Asia-Pacific manufacturers to satisfy the Medicinal Cannabis Scheme.

With InstantGMP PRO, Medical Kiwi is able to meet the regulations established by the Medicinal Cannabis Scheme using the following integrated systems:

Electronic Batch Records (EBR): This feature allows Medical Kiwi’s operators to easily develop, produce and identify batch records to improve workflow management, enhance quality control, and increase their product safety.

Quality Management System (QMS): Using this built-in system, Medical Kiwi’s quality assurance professionals can control all required documentation for deviation tracking, root cause identification and investigations. They can also use this system to manage all specifications for verifying incoming raw materials and outgoing finished products.

Inventory Management: With this module, Medical Kiwi is able to easily trace, monitor and record each step of the inventory process from ordering raw material to distributing the finished products.

Document Management System (DMS): Instead of relying on an outdated paper-base system, Medical Kiwi relies on this system to store, organize and secure access to all of their production and distribution records.

InstantGMP PRO also includes such features as audit logs and electronic signatures that allow Medical Kiwi’s operators to quickly and easily track changes and confirm approvals.

Additionally, InstantGMP PRO’s built-in Data Protection Policy helps Medical Kiwi adhere to all GDPR specifications for processing personal data and avoid any significant (and costly) violations of these requirements.

InstantGMP PRO’s Data Protection Policy:

Provides fields Medical Kiwi can use to collect personal data.

Does not obtain or process personal data (e.g InstantGMP does not sell or share personal data with third parties).

Automatically presents a Privacy Policy to new users and also displays a notification for the policy via a hyperlink in the footer of the login page of the application.

All-in-all, InstantGMP PRO software enables Medical Kiwi to enjoy manufacturing processes that are more efficient, transparent, and secure.

“Medical Kiwi is committed to providing our local and European customers with the highest quality medicinal cannabis products available,” said Jason Whitelaw, Global Procurements and Relationships Manager of Medical Kiwi. “With InstantGMP PRO software, we not only benefit from more efficient and effective manufacturing processes, we can also ensure full compliance with both the Medical Cannabis Scheme and the EU GDPR.”

“We are excited to offer our all-in-one manufacturing and quality system to Medical Kiwi,” said Dr. Richard Soltero, President of InstantGMP. “We believe our software can play an important role in helping New Zealand’s growing medicinal cannabis industry by helping manufacturers meet the necessary requirements for both the Medicinal Cannabis Scheme and the GDPR while ensuring the quality of their products.”

To learn more about InstantGMP PRO manufacturing process software and its benefits for Medicinal Cannabis Scheme or GDPR compliance, contact us today to schedule a demonstration.

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