Aether Pacific Pharmaceuticals, formerly Medical Kiwi. New Website Coming Soon.

Peter Win

Director and Co-Founder

Peter has considerable breadth and depth of business experience, with a passion for pioneering new industries. His vast experience has afforded him a broad knowledge base about what it takes to make a company work effectively and successfully. Peter has worked in some of the most technically advanced industries, reaching senior levels of management in large-scale energy projects in Norway, Nigeria and China and the marine engineering industry in New Zealand. With a drive to get projects moving forward, Peter has been instrumental in the start-up and growth of several businesses, with his most recent company, New Zealand Coastal Seafoods, successfully listed on the ASX in 2019. Peter’s motivation for co-founding Medical Kiwi is a strong belief in medicinal cannabis’ potential to improve social wellbeing and provide health benefits for the wider community, after personally experiencing how the industry has helped build better communities overseas.

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