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Shawn Khan

Independent Consultant (Medicine & Science)

Shawn has over 25 years’ experience in the IT /Telecoms sector, culminating in a Chief Technology Officer role.  His key IT skill areas are in integrating Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help automate decision making.  In 2010 Shawn retrained in herbal medicine (Phytochemistry) and is currently a PhD student focussing on the encapsulation of THC and CBD to increase absorption levels.  For the last 4 years Shawn has worked for Empirical Labs, formulating a range of liposomal nutraceuticals e.g., Hemp CBD. His phytochemistry and biochemistry background helps immensely in the design and delivery aspects of this specialty area of nutraceuticals.

Shawn’s current work, and PhD, is focussed on the encapsulation of various cannabinoids found in medicinal cannabis, (CBD, CBG THC D9/8 etc.) coupled with ML to help reduce development time and increase the end absorption rate.